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The Nashville we know today is a glitzy big business characterized by entertainment lawyers, social media strategies, and buff, shiny entertainers writing about pick-up trucks, tractors, and dirt roads in air-conditioned, corporate offices. But, back before the coats of glamour and media spotlights, Nashville was a very different place. The Storytellers Nashville is about a fabled town that once was, but no longer exists. The Nashville that Tom T. Hall wrote about -- the hairy-legged town where hungry, broke musicians searched for their next meal, pill-popping pickers scammed their next hit, and writers found art in moments of quiet, solitary desperation - is the true foundation upon which todays modern Music City rests. The Storytellers Nashville is also about a man whose songs irrevocably altered the history of that same town as well as the music for which it remains best known. And, while The Storytellers Nashville is no longer an up-to-date picture of Music City, it is a valuable window into the nature of the art and creation during its formative days. In the early 1980s, someone asked Johnny Cash what Nashville was really like. Cash said, Just read The Storytellers Nashville by Tom T. Hall. Everything you need to know is in there. Tom T. Hall is a Country Music Hall of Famer for many reasons, including the hit songs he wrote, his three decades as a popular entertainer, and the fact that he and a wild-eyed pack of youngsters that included Kris Kristofferson, Roger Miller, Mickey Newbury and John Hartford elevated the language of country music from simple tales into something akin to literature. The wondrous George Jones called Hall By far the all-time greatest songwriter/storyteller that country music has ever had. Initially published in 1979, this revised and expanded edition of The Storytellers Nashville includes Tom T. Halls thoughts on the years after 1979 he shares his deep friendship with Jimmy Carter brings us Johnny Cashs thoughts on humility and reflect