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Full Circle is the first new studio album in over ten years from American music icon Loretta Lynn. Produced by Patsy Lynn Russell and John Carter Cash, and recorded at the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee, Full Circle takes listeners on a journey through Loretta's musical story, from the Appalachian folk songs and gospel music she learned as a child, to new interpretations of her classic hits and country standards, to songs newly-written for the project. Drawing inspiration from personal memories and deep connections to American music, Lynn's 13 new recordings capture the essence of these songs in intimate new performances. The album is volume one of the Cash Cabin recordings, a series of new album projects imagined and created at the storied Cash Cabin Studio. &ltp&gt Highlights from FULL CIRCLE include &quotLay Me Down,&quot a duet with Willie Nelson &quotEverything It Takes,&quot featuring guest vocals from Elvis Costello &quotWhispering Sea,&quot a new version of the first song Loretta ever wrote and soulful new renditions of some of Lynn's classic tunes, including a rousing renditions of &quotEverybody Wants to Go to Heaven&quot and &quotFist City.&quot The album also includes traditional Appalachian songs from Loretta's childhood such as &quotBlack Jack David&quot and &quotI Never Will Marry.&quot At 83 years old, Lynn's voice sounds as powerful as ever, and this new material only adds to her legend as a performer.