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Before now, the only Flatt &amp Scruggs likely to have graced your television set is their theme song and guest appearances on The Beverly Hillbillies. This new line of DVDs is a perfect example of how the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum taps into the extensive archives to make music treasures available to you, the public. Flatt &amp Scruggs are one of the most respected and most popular bluegrass bands of all time. Along with Bill Monroe, they shaped and propelled this great style into a widely successful and artistically praised musical format. They left a legacy of wonderful recordings and were star attractions on the Grand Ole Opry for many years. The Best of the Flatt &amp Scruggs TV Show series is drawn from programs that aired during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Never available before, these shows feature Flatt &amp Scruggs in their prime with their group the Foggy Mountain Boys, playing many of their most famous songs as well as many other bluegrass classics. The shows have a great down-home feel with their easygoing demeanor and warm humor, both of which complement the music to produce a thoroughly entertaining show. Volume 7 includes the earliest surviving Flatt &amp Scruggs Martha White show, which pre-dates the other existing shows in this series by about five years. This show underwent extensive restoration for this DVD release, and a special bonus feature explains the process used to restore the shrunken and deteriorated film. In addition to the musical performances, you will enjoy this series for the charming, period-piece commercials filmed live on the set, and the homespun comedy sketches with Cousin Jake Tullock and Uncle Josh Graves. Volume 7 Songs include 1960-61 Shows combined 1.Opening 2.My Long Journey Home 3.You Cant Stop Me From Dreaming 4.Pet Milk Commercial 5.Love And Wealth 6.Cumberland Gap 7.On My Mind 8.Martha White Commercial 9.Little Darlin Pal Of Mine 10.I Want To Be Loved 11.Dear Old Dixie 12.A Million Years In