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Flatt &amp Scruggs are one of the most respected and most popular bluegrass bands of all time. Along with Bill Monroe, they shaped and propelled this great style into a widely successful and artistically praised musical format. They left a legacy of wonderful recordings and were star attractions on the Grand Ole Opry for many years. The Best of the Flatt &amp Scruggs TV Show series is drawn from programs that aired during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Never available before, these shows feature Flatt &amp Scruggs in their prime with their group the Foggy Mountain Boys, playing many of their most famous songs as well as many other bluegrass classics. The shows have a great down-home feel with their easygoing demeanor and warm humor, both of which complement the music to produce a thoroughly entertaining show. Volume 6 features two programs from May 1962 with the group in front of a mock log cabin rather than the usual general store backdrop. Highlights include Keep on the Sunny Side, Well Meet Again Sweetheart, On the Rock Where Moses Stood (a.k.a. Crying Holy Unto the Lord), Paul Warrens fiddle instrumental Cacklin Hen, and the humorous Baby You Gotta Quit That Noise. Even if you dont like bluegrass (and if you dont, whats wrong with you), you will enjoy this series just for the charming, period piece commercials filmed live on the set, and the homespun comedy sketches with Cousin Jake Tullock and Uncle Josh Graves. Volume 6 Songs include May 1962 1. Opening 2. Flint Hill Special 3.We'll Meet Again Sweetheart 4. Commercial Martha White Cake Mix 5. I've Waited As Long As I Can 6. Listen to the Mockingbird 7. On the Rock Where Moses Stood 8. Commercial Martha White Cornbread 9. Hear the Whistle Blow (a Hundred Miles) 10. Baby You Gotta Quit That Noise 11. Comedy with Jake and Josh 12. Keep on the Sunny Side 13. Commercial Martha White cartoon with Hot Rize Boys 14.The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band 15. Katy Hill May 1962 # 2 1. Opening 2. Cacklin